All the data you enter in the subscription Application with a call or with an online application form are secured and protected according to the information confidentiality agreement. 

The below privacy policy describes Rawajtech policy to keep its customers and its website users’ data secured and protected. It also confirms Usage policy, users, and customers’ data Editing policy.

Rawajtech privacy policy terms and items go for the new, current customers, users, and subscription applicants.

Data Collection

To apply to have a permanent account or testing one with Rawajtech, the customers must provide us with some of his personal information “Name, mobile number, e-mail address” in addition some other info to verify the identity with a print of identity card, passport or driving license.

Please note that we may need every customer’s network IP to analyze their data, solve some technical problems, and to make it easy for them to get and benefit from Bevatel Services.

Rawajtech may collect some additional details by surveys conducting for statistical purposes while keeping users anonymous.

Usage Policy

Customers’ data that Rawajtech receives won’t be used except for subscription activating, services improving, communicating, and following up with the customers and for confirming payment procedures.

Rawajtech uses customers’ data only for technical support, services improving purposes, and also to send the promotions and new services features to every customer with e-mail.

Rawajtech may compare customers’ data with some sources to verify their data and their fiduciary status.

Rawajtech doesn’t assure your data privacy and confidentiality if you share it with any customers or users on Rawajtech Website. So you should make sure well about security terms and about your info confidentiality before sharing your info with anyone.

Rawajtech customers have the right to contact us, and to ask us for not contacting or sending marketing message to them.

Data Editing

Customers’ data editing is a right for them only, Rawajtech won’t add or edit any data for customers without an official direct request from them.

Rawajtech enables the customers to add new info or edit the current through the customer account page, or the customers can contact the technical team and apply with a request to edit some of their data.

Please note that Rawajtech Stores their previous, current and new customers data to protect them from scamming and to help in investigation or solving problems.

If there are any doubts about customers data received in testing or subscription request, Rawajtech will take the needed procedures’ to deactivate the customer account on Rawajtech website till the customer provides us with the right info.

Info Confidentiality

You can contact Rawajtech customer service with mobile or email at any time to get any inquiries or info related to privacy policy and data security.

Rawajtech takes all needed procedures to protect their customers’ privacy, as we store all customers’ data on electronic files according to info confidentiality agreement items to assure data privacy protection without being hacked by anyone.

Rawajtech advises their customers to log out every time they use the website to protect their info confidentiality and security via the not secured internet connection.

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